About Us

UPDATED 2-1-2023

By Jennifer

Below is a bit about me and my breeding program .

This site was always used solely for my English cream golden retriever breeding program.

I am no longer breeding Goldens however my daughter owns and is breeding my Flurry and Rango they should have pups available first quarter of 2023!

If interested please send me an email and I can forward it to my daughter.

As of March 2022 we were formally known as Charmere Cavaliers however in 2022 I was divorced and in a bitter attempt to hurt me my ex has not given me rights to my site back hopefully in the coming months the courts will grant me my ownership back.

I am a long time breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I am breeding for Tri color and Blenheim pups of the highest quality.

My breeding program is extremely small I have only 1 females and 1 male they receive the plenty of sunshine and exercise at our new home we have hundreds of acres just outside the Petrified Forest in Holbrook Arizona.

I offer delivery on planned dates only to Pheonix, Flaggstaff, Casa Grande and on occasion Southern California.

Of course you are also preferably welcome to come out to Holbrook and pick up your new puppy. I do not offer cargo shipping please do not ask!

I can ship by ground courier.  I may be able to assist in finding a reputable ground courier if needed.

We have a litter of Blenheim and Tri-Color pups due late March to early April.

If trying to reach me on and this site goes down as well i am Jennifer I am reachable at the same number 909-996-1035 and my email is also the same info@royaldogsmail.com

Thanks for reading!


Our pups are kept very very clean. They will be held often started on potty training as early as 3.5 weeks to a potty pad, litter box or outdoors depending on the weather.

We like to spend personal time with our puppies and do not always have pups available so there may be a wait time, if I do have puppies we will list them at 2-3 weeks of age if any are available.  

All of our dogs are fed a premium food we also incorporate fresh grass fed and or hormone free meats and organs into our adult dogs diets as well as homegrown eggs, fruits and veggies and fresh goats milk.

We have a smoke free animal loving home!

Our dogs have acres of room to run, our dogs get to go hunting and swimming in the river at the bottom of our property they are not cooped up in kennels all day every day!

We do not use chemicals for cleaning, in the past we have used chemicals such as bleach or ammonia and they can be effective cleaners as long as you thoroughly clean them up and let them dry before allowing your pets back in such an area but we have adopted a new practice and no longer use anything but natural cleaners or high temp heat and have found this to be an  irreplaceable practice in keeping our dogs immune systems strong.

In the past I have bred and/or worked with many other breeds over the past 25 years also Persian cats and a variety of farm animals.

We still keep goats Mini La Manchas, for milk and feathered friends of all kinds! They also have a huge barn and plenty of room and are treated more than humanly!

I  do not practice inbreeding!  By trying to keep our COI (coefficient of inbreeding) as low as possible, it is becoming harder to find puppies here in the USA and even abroad that do not have many many “DUPLICATE” dogs on one or Both sides of the pedigree 2 plus times in just a five gen pedigree and is likely a large part of the problem we are seeing in so many puppies of all breeds, I do not inbreed ever and research the pedigrees of all of my dogs to be as sure of this as possible without having to breed mixed breeds, yes it is possible to breed 2 very healthy tested dogs with high COI pedigrees to achieve the “look” we are after, but it is taking a huge chance, by doing this breeders are not only bringing out the “good look” aspects of the lines but also the “bad mutations”, it is too big of a risk to pass on to the generation’s to come in my opinion and worth seeking out more diverse pedigrees before breeding. If you are told your puppy was “line bred” that is that same as inbred don’t be fooled by these words.

Our Cavalier King Charles puppies come with age appropriate vaccinations, De-Worming and parasite prevention.

Our pups come from nice genetically healthy lineages and are never line or inbred.  None have tested for or show any signs of illness or disease prior to being bred

All Puppies are Adopted as Cherished Family Companions.

We do not adopt our puppies to Pet stores nor do we take offers from 3rd party brokers PLEASE do not call if these are your intentions we are not interested!!!